mela hotel amenities

An innovative hotel amenities with revitalizing and anti-ageing proprieties thanks to the active stem cells of apples.

The Mela guest amenities (Italian for apple) include phytoceutical cosmetics with apple stem cells. It is an innovative formulation designed to revitalize the skin in a natural way thanks to the antioxidant effect of the Malus domestica active stem cells. These guest toiletries have a low environmental impact as well as a fresh perfume without allergens and are ideal even for the most delicate skin, because they are paraben-free.

The phytoceutical cosmetics of the Mela hotel toiletries have plenty of phytonutrients that are able to increase the life duration of cells and slow down the ageing of hair follicles. Thanks to molecules obtained from plants -apple stem cells, the Mela cosmetic products achieve unparalleled results. That is because when stem cells come in contact with the skin, they boost collagen production, making these cosmetics excellent revitalizing and anti-ageing natural products.

hair shampoo 32ml bottle

hair conditioner 32ml bottle

Disposable Shower Cap

cardboard box

bath foam 32ml bottle

body lotion 32ml bottle

vanity set

cardboard box

Bar Soap pleat wrapped - 30gr

Bar Soap pleat wrapped - 30 gr

300ml dispenser

The refined packaging of these hotel amenities includes the gold of the nectar and the red of apple skins. The nature and innovation of these products is described through a modern lettering and botanical images.
These guest amenities are ideal for hotels with a SPA, residential hotels and wellness centers seeking to provide their clients with innovative natural cosmetic products utterly skin-friendly.