reyah hotel amenities

Argan oil, endemic to Morocco, is extracted from the fruits of the Argan tree (Argania Spinosa).

It contains vitamin E, vitamin A, tocopherols, flavonoids and fatty acids that act as natural antioxidants fighting free radicals.
Furthermore, its fantastic hydrating proprieties deeply nourish the skin without leaving its surface oily.

The Reyah guest amenities are enriched with precious Argan oil with an emollient, anti-oxidant and elasticizing effect.

Their formula nourishes the skin, regulating its hydration and elasticity and fighting the signs of ageing. These hotel toiletries have Oriental scents and are ideal even for the most sensitive skin, because they are paraben-free.

Hair shampoo 35ml

conditioner 35ml

bath shower gel 35ml

body lotion 35ml

bar soap 30gr


bar soap 10gr

flow pack

disposable shower cap

cardboard box

vanity set

carboard box

300ml dispenser

recycled plastic

These hotel toiletries with a classy and cozy look and their shades of gold and dark brown are perfectly suitable for different bathroom environments.

These guest amenities are ideal for hotels with a SPA, residential hotels and wellness centers seeking to combine the quality of Italian cosmetic products with a Moorish style.