laverde hotel amenities

The properties of herbs -used since ancient times, are the reason why Laverde are perfect even for the most sensitive skin types, leaving the skin soft and protected without using any parabens.

The cosmetics of Laverde hotel amenities, made in Italy, are enriched with precious medicinal plant extracts such as sage, eucalyptus, coriander and juniper essence: a selection of cosmetics with natural perfumes and formulations.

Herbs and medicinal plants gently protect the skin and the hair and make them softer. The body wash has an excellent toning effect thanks to the balsamic eucalyptus extracts, while the juniper body cream has relaxing and tension-relieving proprieties, perfect after physical activities.

The sage shampoo strengthens the hair, keeping it shining and soft, and the coriander conditioner has a natural nourishing effect.

hair shampoo 35ml bottle

conditioner 35ml bottle

shower cap

cardboard box

bath foam 35ml bottle

body lotion 35ml bottle

vanity set

cardboard box

Bar Soap 30gr


Bar Soap 10gr


These elegant hotel amenities envelop guests with their intoxicating balsamic essences.

The packaging with dark forest-green colors mixed with the purity of white contains all the powers of natural extracts of medicinal plants.