divinum hotel amenities

Grape is an ancient fruit providing several benefits to the body, the skin and the hair, because it acts on microcirculation.

The Divinum guest amenities include hydrating products that make the skin elastic without irritating it. The cosmetic formulation is enriched with natural grape extracts that have an excellent anti-age effect, and it does not contain parabens, i.e. preservatives that are not tolerated by sensitive skin.

Each part of the grape tackles skin ageing thanks to the hydrating effect of the glucose and the fructose and thanks to the polyunsaturated fatty acids that gently nourish even the most delicate skin. That is why we have created hotel toiletries without aggressive preservatives, such as products with an astringent, revitalizing and anti-ageing effect, designed to be tolerated by all skin types.

shampoo & hair conditioner 30ml

bath foam 30ml

body lotion 30ml

bar soap pleat wrapped 25gr

disposable shower cap

cardboard box

vanity set

cardboard box

shampoo & hair conditioner 300ml dispenser

shower gel 300ml dispenser

body lotion 300ml dispenser

These guest toiletries with a refined and well-thought packaging are perfect for classy bathroom environments thanks to their silver, white and purple shades.

The dermatologist-tested anti-ageing formula of these products is especially appreciated by facilities with a SPA or facilities attended by guests who take particular care of their health and body.