marble hotel amenities

Almond oil is an excellent moisturizer for both the skin and hair. It prevents stretch marks and protects from sun damage.
Cosmetics enriched with black clay and almond oil are true beauty treatments.

Every guest will appreciate the quality of the Marble hotel amenities: nourishing and soothing cosmetics enriched with black clay and almond oil. These cosmetics are perfect for accommodations on the seaside as much as for these on the ski slopes.
Hotels with a wellness center, too, can opt for the Marble guest amenities, thanks to the unique properties of black clay and almond oil.

Black clay is natural, volcanic mud. It has anti-inflammatory properties, with decongestant, healing and antiseptic effects. It improves the microcirculation and is a natural detoxifier.

Hair shampoo 30ml

conditioner 30ml

bath shower gel 30ml

body lotion 30ml

bar soap 15gr


bar soap 10gr

flow pack

disposable shower cap

mini flow pack

shower cap

standard carboard box

vanity set

standard cardboard box

300ml dispenser

recycled plastic

WALL SUPPORT for 300ml dispenser

Pamper your guests with this extraordinary hotel amenity set. The natural formulation of the cosmetics and the properties of their ingredients make them precious gifts.

Moreover, the Marble hotel amenities have the perfect packaging for modern accommodations, thanks to the silver and grey shades.