marevita hotel amenities

Marevita guest amenities have a great decongestant and purifying effect on tissues.

As a matter of fact, sea salt can be a great ally or the wellbeing of your guests' skin during the hot season. It stimulates cutaneous circulation and at the same time it helps shedding dead cells; it also gives strength and shine to the hair.

Marevita hotel toiletries are made in Italy with a cosmetic formulation enriched with sea salt: a great natural ingredient for products with highly purifying properties.

These hotel amenities are ideal for every skin type, because all their cosmetic items are completely paraben-free; they also include a conditioner and a body cream without mineral oils.

Hair shampoo 32ml

conditioner 32ml

bath shower gel 32ml

body lotion 32ml

bar soap 30gr


bar soap 10gr

flow pack

disposable shower cap

cardboard box

vanity set

carboard box

300ml dispenser

Marevita are inspired by the colors and atmosphere of the sea.

The relaxing blue and sky-blue shades of the bright packaging evoke the bubbly elegance of waves.

These hotel amenities are ideal for seaside hotels, residential hotels and B&Bs or for whoever wishes to offer to their guests the detox effect of sea salt.