oroverde hotel amenities

Olive oil contains plenty of fatty acids (oleic, linoleic and palmitic acids), responsible for its precious emollient and nutrient properties, which are preserved thanks to a cold extraction in the mill. Vitamin E, polyphenols and chlorophyll are powerful natural antioxidants contained in olive oil, which make it effective in the fight against free radicals and hence perfect for anti-ageing cosmetic formulations.

Apart from deeply hydrating the skin, Oroverde cosmetics with organic olive oil aim at protecting the scalp and making the hair look shiny.

The Oro Verde guest amenities (Italian for green gold) include cosmetic products enriched with precious organic olive oil. Their innovative formulation nourishes the skin with a deep natural hydration and soothes irritations and cracking. These cosmetics are also perfect to fight the effects of cold weather or the sun on the skin and the hair. The final touch of these actual green gold jewels is their delicate fragrance.

Classy hotel amenities including nourishing and antioxidant cosmetics with organic olive oil.

Hair shampoo 60ml

bath foam 60ml

body lotion 60ml

Hair shampoo 35ml

bath foam & shampoo 35ml

conditioner 35ml

bath foam 35ml

body lotion 35ml

intimate cleanser 35ml

soap 20gr

cardboard box

soap 30gr

pleat wrapped

soap 12gr

flow pack

vanity kit

cardboard box

shower cap

cardboard box

shower cap

flow pack

dispenser 500ml

dispenser 300ml

These hotel amenities perfectly complement every type of bathroom environment thanks to their packaging with delicate cream, green and golden shades, celebrating with style the colors of this organic nectar.

These products with an elegant design and an Italian formulation are conceived for accommodation facilities operating in wintertime and in seaside locations, where guests need cosmetic products for a deep hydration of their skin but no oily finish.